Vic Firth Ensemble Series Keyboard Mallets Medium Hard

Vic Firth Ensemble Series Keyboard Mallets  Medium HardVic Firth Ensemble Series Keyboard Mallets Medium Hard
16-1/2″L. Consistent timbre and tone across the marimba’s full range.Developed with DCI Hall of Fame member Thom Hannum, the Ensemble Series provides a consistency of timbre and tone quality across the full range of the marimba. They provide a very focused sound for the marimba choir, with strength and uniformity in the specific sound. With a plastic core covered in latex for a full-bodied sound and a rich fundamental, each model has its own latex recipe for a true graduation of timbre and tone production. The materials also enhance rebound, making them very easy to play. Large, clear finished birch dowels increase the mass of the entire mallet. Though designed for the marimba, the Ensemble Series mallets also have a tremendous sound on the vibraphone as well. They are an outstanding choice for solo playing as well as for marching band, drum corps, and WGI type of indoor concert and marching percussion ensembles.
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