Tama Stage Master Double-Braced Snare Stand

Tama Stage Master Double-Braced Snare StandTama Stage Master Double-Braced Snare Stand
This double-braced snare stand from Tama features a swiveling basket, universal gearless tilter, and escape claws.With a swiveling basket, the snare basket rotates independently, so you don’t have to loosen the basket when moving the strainer to the desired position.The universal gearless tilter securely holds its position with metal-plate friction instead of traditional gears so you can adjust it to any angle you desire.The “Escape Claws” rubber cushions support the snare drum by “floating” on the metal support arms for improved resonance. In addition, they help reduce fatigue by softening the impact on your arms and wrists while playing the snare drum.For 12″ to 14″ diameter snare drumsSwiveling basketUniversal gearless tilterEscape ClawsDouble-bracedHeight adjustment range: 25-1/4″ to 31-1/2″ (640mm-800mm)
Tama HS30W · Tama, Snare Stands
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