Tama Iron Works Tour Boom Stand Black

Tama Iron Works Tour Boom Stand BlackTama Iron Works Tour Boom Stand Black
The Iron Works Tour Series MS455BK boom stand with tripod legs boasts clever innovations in value, performance, and usability. Applicable in a wide range of mic-ing situationsthe MS455BK provides consistent, reliable results every time. Tamas ultra-durable “standard” boom stand is usable for virtually any mic-ing situation.The die-cast locking thumb nuts larger, sure-grip design allows greater leverage for faster, easier set-up and breakdown. And Iron Works sturdy zinc, die-cast adjustment collar will be appreciated by musicians previously burned by the performance failure of flimsy plastic collars.A cleverly designed Latch-Lok Sleeve Insert inside the main height adjustment mechanism prevents the collar from wearing out over timeso youll never have to worry about endless collar turning that fails to ever tighten its grip. Abandoning the weak standard gripping methods used by economy grade stands, the Iron Works Tour stand Cast-Grip Boom Tilterutilizes two zinc die-cast pressure pads that maximize surface gripping area to deliver optimal holding power. A uniquely shaped tripod base and cavity cradles the boom when folded for storagea simple detail that helps pack gear tightly. Cast-Grip Boom TilterDie-cast Locking Thumb NutSure-Cast Adjustment CollarLatch-Lok Sleeve InsertDetachable Boom Arm (can also be used as a straight stand)Height: 985mm 1,660mm (38.8″ 65.4″)Boom: 845mm (33.3″)
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