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Peterson Stroboclip Sc-1 Clip-On Strobe Tuner

Peterson Stroboclip Sc-1 Clip-On Strobe TunerPeterson Stroboclip Sc-1 Clip-On Strobe Tuner
The Peterson StroboClip tuner has the 1/10-cent accuracy of all Peterson strobes and also includes Sweetened Tunings, eastern temperament presets, and alternate temperaments for tuning a wide variety of string and wind instruments. It’s Peterson’s smallest multi-temperament tuner and features a smooth, real-time display; a drop/capo setting; adjustable key settings; low power consumption; auto sleep and power off modes for battery saving; and patented virtual strobe technology. The Peterson StroboClip instrument tuner also comes with its own carrying case for convenient transport.Smallest multi-temperament tuner1/10 cent accurateSmooth, real-time displayAlternate temperament presets (including Buzz Feiten Tuning System)Includes eastern temperament presetsDrop/capo settingAdjustable key25 exclusive Peterson sweeteners/temperamentsAdjustable concert A reference: 400hz to 490hzAuto sleep and power off for battery savingLow power consumptionPatented virtual strobe technology
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Peterson Bodybeat Bb-1 Pulsing Metronome

Peterson Bodybeat Bb-1 Pulsing MetronomePeterson Bodybeat Bb-1 Pulsing Metronome
The Peterson BodyBeat works like a standard metronome with audio speaker and headphone output, but it also allows you to quickly internalize the tempo through feel, using the included Vibe Clip. The Peterson BB-1 Metronome is suitable for every musician, student or professional, from percussionist to flute player and all points between. Even choral students can use this pulsing beat keeper!The BodyBeat offers an alternate approach to typical metronome use by producing a pulsing vibration so that musicians can easily internalize the beat. The BodyBeat clips onto the belt line and a small separate Vibe Clip transmits the beat, in the form of a pulse (including subdivisions and accents) directly to you.Research has shown that separate neural pathways to the brain exist for tactile impulses and visible/audible information which is why musicians find that tactile pulses are quickly internalized, allowing them to concentrate on reading and listening to the music without the constant distraction of an audio or visual metronome. Feeling the beat, not having to listen to clicks or look at blinking LEDs makes it much easier to focus on the music and playing in correct time.The BodyBeat provides drummers and percussionists with a rhythmic pulse they can feel rather than hear, avoiding the fatigue and potential harm caused by prolonged exposure to monotonous clicks and cowbell sounds. This patented technology represents a significant advance in the metronome field. The BodyBeat can also be used like an ordinary metronome with audible and visual modes.Feel the beat from the vibration clip.Internalize the accent and subdivisions.Suitable for all musicians.Audible and visual modes included.A440 reference tone is also featured.
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