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Korg Cv Bit For Synth Kit

Korg Cv Bit For Synth KitKorg Cv Bit For Synth Kit
Control voltage management has been a component of synthesizer playing since its inception. With the CV Bit, you can add control voltage continuous controller function to your Synth Kit synthesizer.With the CV Bit, you can behaviors like oscillator pitch, the filter cutoff and more from your analog synth gear. It also facilitates bend sensor, light sensor and other inpust from the littleBits library to create new control interfaces for your synth. Kit includes the CV module and a micro USB cableDetailsCV stands for control voltage and is a widely used term in the realm of analog synthesizers. A control voltage is a variable voltage signal that is used to control module behaviors ranging from the pitch of oscillators to the cutoff setting of filters and more. The CV module can be used for both CV and Gate/Trigger type signals used in analog synthesizers. The module is suitable for interfacing with modular analog synths, analog keyboards, as well as groove boxes like the Korg Volca series. The Sync ports employed in the Volca series of synths can be used to make your littleBits modules play in sync with your Volcas or vice versa. The 3.5mm connection jacks should be used with mono 3.5mm plug phono cables.CV InThe CV module can scale incoming voltages as high as 12V down to the 5V system the littleBits system employs. To use the CV module to control your other littleBits modules, connect the control device to the CV In jack. CV signals that come in through the “CV In” jack are routed to the output bitSnap. The “CV In” jack is a switching jack so that any CVs coming in through the input bitSnap are not routed to the bitSnap output. When using the CV module as an input, you can control the pitch of oscillator modules, the cutoff of filter modules, trigger the envelope module, or control the speed of the micro sequencer module (put the micro sequencer into Step mode for this).
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Korg Pitchcrow Clip-On Tuner White

Korg Pitchcrow Clip-On Tuner WhiteKorg Pitchcrow Clip-On Tuner White
The PitchCrow-G is the most compact of all fully-featured clip-on tuners. Its streamlined design includes everything you need to tune accurately, quickly and is approximately 20% smaller and lighter than previous KORG models. Included with the PitchCrow-G is a vivid full-color LCD and dedicated guitar/bass modes, as well as a new ultra-high precision fine tuning function that allows for accuracy as great at 0.1 cents. Battery life is also approximately three times longer than previous units, allowing for approximately 24 hours of continuous operation. Forty years after it developed the world’s first needle-type meter tuner, KORG is proud to set the new standard for accuracy and reliability in clip-on tuners: the PitchCrow-G.
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Korg Ma-30 Digital Metronome

Korg Ma-30 Digital MetronomeKorg Ma-30 Digital Metronome
The Korg MA-30 Digital Metronome is the most useful metronome ever in this price range. Duplets, triplets, and quadruplets with inner beats omitted, and more make playing along interesting and more realistic than a click track. Features a highly visible liquid crystal pendulum, 12 reference pitches, adjustable calibration, adjustable volume, tap tempo, earphone jack, and memory backup. The Korg MA-30 Digital Metronome has a 250 hour battery life.Highly visible liquid crystal pendulum13 different built-in rhythmsRhythms include duplets, triplets, triplets with inner beats omitted, quadruplets, and quadruplets with inner beats omitted12 reference pitches C4 -B4Adjustable calibration (438-445 Hz)Adjustable volumeTempo adjusts from 40-208BPMTap tempoEarphone jackMemory backup250 hour battery life
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Korg Ot-120 Chromatic Orchestral Tuner

Korg Ot-120 Chromatic Orchestral TunerKorg Ot-120 Chromatic Orchestral Tuner
The OT-120 Chromatic Orchestral Tuner is designed to handle the full range of orchestral instruments – including piano, harp, xylophone, tuned percussion, strings, woodwinds and horns.Full 8 octave (A0 – C8) detection range can tune in notes from the lowest string bass to the highest piccolo trumpet. Tuning accuracy within +/- 1 cent. A flexible calibration range from 349Hz to 499Hz (based on standard A = 440). VU-style meter with slow, medium and fast needle movement handles tuning for instruments with different attacks. Play back reference tones from over five octaves – for tuning or practicing pitch correction with vocals or wind instruments.A larger and louder speaker means you don’t have to compete to hear Sound Out and Sound Back modes.Vertical-design and superior visibilityThe OT-120 chromatic tuner is intended for orchestral instruments, packing precise performance and sophisticated functionality in a vertical design that’s easy to hold and operate. It features a dual-display, an easy-to-see needle-type indicator and a backlit LCD screen that shows the battery life, sound output level, calibration, key and note name. Additional design features include a large dial that makes it easy to select the desired mode, soft-touch buttons and a rear-mounted stand that lets the unit stand by itself. A sophisticated silver aluminum panel contributes to its sleek, new look.Accurately tune orchestral instruments over a wide rangeSince we developed the world’s first meter-type tuner in 1975, the accuracy of Korg tuners has made them the choice of artists in all styles of music. With its wide tuning range extending from A0 to C8, the OT-120 lets you quickly tune any type of band instrument including, orchestra, wind, string, brass or piano. The OT-120 also provides a wide range of calibration to support concert pitches in a range of A440=349-499 Hz (1 Hz steps).Smooth and p8 temperaments for classical and ethnic instruments:PythagoreanMean Tone EbMean Tone D#Werckmeister (III)Kimberger IIIKellnerVallottiYoungAuto tuning mode shows how close the note you’re playing is to being in tune. Manual tuning mode lets you select a specific note.Vertical design – easy to hold, provides better viewing angles while taking up less space.Sleek and durable aluminum panel – holds up to being taken in and out of instrument case and bag for years and years.Rugged select wheel – provides positive assurance of the selection your making.Tilt back stand – ideally suited for playing while standing (especially useful for wind or brass players).Durable soft case with belt clip – no room on the music stand? – No problem.Input and output jacks on opposite sides – for better balance on desktop, amp, instrument case or music stand.100 hour battery life.
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Korg Pu2 3 Pedal System For Sp280

Korg Pu2 3 Pedal System For Sp280Korg Pu2 3 Pedal System For Sp280
Perfect for the Korg SP-280, the PU2 is a three pedal system that effectively reoplicates the three functions on the three-pedal system on an acoustic piano. Sustain, soft and damper pedals. This gives you three pedals just as on an acoustic piano, and is recommended for the serious piano student or performer.Sustain, soft and damperRubber skids for stabilityResponsive with strong return actionBeautifully made
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Korg Pitchblack Pro Rackmount Tuner

Korg Pitchblack Pro Rackmount TunerKorg Pitchblack Pro Rackmount Tuner
The Pitchblack PRO Rackmount Tuner is the latest in a series of professional quality rackmount tuners that Korg has produced since 1987. Korg’s latest rackmount model features a new 3D visual meter that’s so beautiful you’ll think of it as an aspect of your stage performance. The 3-dimensional expression of light inspires a feeling that for want of a better word, is just cool.The visual element of your performance is key, so why not make your tuner an asset ather than a distraction?. Although it’s in a rackmount form factor, the body is ultra-lightweight and slim, allowing it to be used anywhere. This is a new generation of rackmount tuner that every guitarist/bassist with professional aspirations should experience.Large 3D visual meter ensures unprecedented visibilityLightweight, thin, and removableThree meter display modes (regular, strobe, half-strobe)Built-in cable checkerMute functionAlso usable outside a rack.
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Korg Tm-50 Combo Tuner/Metronome Black

Korg Tm-50 Combo Tuner/Metronome BlackKorg Tm-50 Combo Tuner/Metronome Black
The Korg TM-50 allows you to use the tuner and metronome simultaneously. Since this single unit is all you need for both pitch and rhythm training, it has become a favorite lesson tool for brass bands as well as many other types of musicians. The TM-50 is the latest model, featuring a two-level backlight that enhances the visibility of the LCD display. It uses a newly designed needle-style LCD for excellent response, and even greater tuning accuracy. In a first for this series, the entry-level model provides the Sound Back function that allows the speaker to generate the reference tone that’s closest to the input sound, giving you a great way to develop and refine your sense of accurate pitch.Newly designed needle-style LCD meter with excellent response and wide detection rangeThe TM-50 features extremely fast response to audio input from wind and other instruments, and the redesigned meter display method allows the pitch to be accurately and instantly shown without any time lag. Wind players will no longer experience the problem of their pitch changing spontaneously before it can be displayed accurately; this ensures that you’ll be able to develop stable and drift-free pitch.The detection range is extremely wide, extending from C1 (32.70 Hz) to C8 (4186.01Hz), which covers the note ranges of wind, string, and most other types of instruments. Even potentially difficult instruments that have a low pitch and numerous overtones can be tuned accurately, thanks to Korg’s proprietary high-precision technology. The built-in high-sensitivity mic also allows easy and accurate tuning of acoustic instruments such as guitar and ukulele; alternatively, you can use the separately sold CM-100L contact mic to send the vibrations directly to the tuner for even greater reliability.The Sound Out function produces a reference tone from the internal speakerIn addition to visual tuning using the meter, you can useThe Tuner and metronome can be used simultaneously or independentlyNewly designed highly responsive LCD needle-type meterWide detection range from C1 to C8The Sound Out function produces a reference tone in a three-octave range from the built-in speakerThe Sound Back function is a great function for ear training!Calibration supports a range of concert pitchesMarks indicate pure major and minor third intervals A wide tempo range of 30-252 beats/minute15 rhythm variations let you practice with a broad range of musical stylesEasy tempo settings with two types of tempo step patterns plus a tap tempo functionLarge LCD with backlight brightness that’s adjustable over two levels for enhanced visibilityEven more compact and lightweight, with your choice of body color – black or pearl whiteNewly designed stand and battery cover for enhanced usabilityMemory Backup and Auto Power Off
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