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Elation Flex Pixel Driver

Elation Flex Pixel DriverElation Flex Pixel Driver
The FLEX PIXEL DRIVER 1 is a professional dedicated DMX driver for LED pixel tapes that supports up to144 pixels / 2 tapes, and up to 432 DMX channels of control. Its small compact design allows for easy mounting and integration into any system. It features an LED control display, separate 3pin terminals for DMX IN and OUT, a 6pin terminal for power IN, and operates on 5VDC.Professional LED Driver for LED-Tape (144 Pixels / 2 Tapes)LED Control DisplayDMX IN via 3-pin TerminalDMX OUT via 3-pin TerminalPower IN via 6-pin TerminalLength: 3.5Width: 1.6 Height: 0.8 Weight: 0.12 lb.
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