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D&A Starfish+ Active Guitar Stand

D&A Starfish+ Active Guitar StandD&A Starfish+ Active Guitar Stand
The Starfish+ Active Guitar Stand can handle the kicks punches, bumps and pushes that sends other stands to the floor. While other stands fall over with only 15 degrees of tilt, the Starfish stands its ground enduring over 30. It all comes down to a stand that’s twice as stable and an instrument that’s 100% more secure.Quick FoldingBring security with you where it matters most on the road. The Starfish+ folds down to half its size in seconds, so you will never have to choose between security and a seedy setup again.Safe For All FinishesGuitars are art. The Starfish+ treats them like it. Designed to the specifications of elite collectors, the Starfish+ uses T.P.E. plastic and archival grade fabric to cover all points of contact between the Starfish+ and your guitar, making sure your instrument stays a masterpiece.Locking HeadInnovative see-through gates made from bullet proof material keep your fretted friend safe and sound while displaying it as the work of art it is. Fits most guitars and basses, from classical to electric (up to two inches).Lifetime GuaranteeTop-of-the-line materials, innovative design and groundbreaking engineering mean the Starfish is the last stand you will ever need to buy. Whether standing up to the rigors of the road or supporting the centerpiece of a home studio, the Starfish+ can take it all.Can endure 30 degree tilt before tipping overFolds down to half its size in secondsSafe for all finishesT.P.E. plastic and archival grade fabric on all contact pointsSee through lock made of bullet-proof materialFits most acoustic and electric guitars and basses
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