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Creative Tunings Universal Capo Spidercapo

Creative Tunings Universal Capo SpidercapoCreative Tunings Universal Capo Spidercapo
The Creative Tunings SpiderCapo allows you to capo each string individually, making hundreds of open string tunings possible without re-tuning your instrument. The guitar capo won the Best in Show award at the 2009 Summer NAMM trade show. With the SpiderCapo you can play all the bar chords and riffs you already know, plus unlimited new chords (which is not possible with standard tuning). You can also change guitar tunings while playing, finger above and below the capo, play melodies with open string accompaniment. You can easily use the Creative Tunings SpiderCapo in live performances and explore unlimited creative possibilities, new tunings, keys, harmonies, and textures.Fits all guitar fingerboardsUnlimited application for all styles of music and playing levelsAn invaluable guitar accessory and creative tool for singer/songwritersWeighs less than 1 oz.
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