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Black Widow Drum Web Stabilization Mat Black

Black Widow Drum Web Stabilization Mat BlackBlack Widow Drum Web Stabilization Mat Black
An exciting way to keep your drums in one place during performance, the Black Widow Drum Web provides unsurpassed security and portability to all types of drummers. Three rows of velcro strips keep your pedals in place, which in turn keep your bass drum and hi-hat stand from “walking” away from you. The beauty of this professional quality drum rug is that you can place things where you want on stage, and then lay the drum web down to secure everything in place.Complete drumset security Unsurpassed portabilityEasy to use and maintain Protects all types of drums and floorsLightweight yet durable Includes free carrying caseIncludes free 3-Pack of Velcro Security StrapsIncludes free pack of Velcro Marker Strip
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