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Art Phantom I Studio Mic Power Supply

Art Phantom I Studio Mic Power SupplyArt Phantom I Studio Mic Power Supply
The ART Phantom I is a 48V Phantom power supply for studio microphones. The Phantom I has a wide frequency response and features a female XLR input and a male XLR output. 18V DC power adaptor included.Different condenser microphones specify different amounts of required phantom power. As a rule these ratings can range from 48 volts all the way down to 9 volts. Fortunately, there is some flexibility in terms of matching phantom voltage to your mic. A rough rule of thumb would be “more is better.” For example, a 24-volt condenser mic will run perfectly on 48 volts. In fact, mics rated at as little as 9 volts can often operate on 48 volts, but you should check with the manufacturer first. Conversely, a mic will generally perform best driven by not less than its rated voltage so, for a 48V mic, you would obtain best results with 48 volts of phantom power. The Phantom I is a great choice for the above needs.Input Connectors: XLR femaleOutput Connectors: XLR maleFrequency Response: 10Hz 25kHzOutput Phantom Power: 48V DC +/- 2VOutput Noise: -115 dBVCurrent Drain: 14mAPower: 18V DC (Adapter included)Dimensions: 5.25 x 2.75 x 1.75 inches (130mm x 74mm x 45mm)Weight: 1.3 lbs. (315g)
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Art Phantom Ii Pro Phantom Power Supply

Art Phantom Ii Pro Phantom Power SupplyArt Phantom Ii Pro Phantom Power Supply
The ART Phantom II Pro is designed to do one thing and do it well. It provides clean, reliable phantom power for one or two condenser microphones in a rugged, compact, and portable power supply unit. Innovative low-power circuitry generates the higher voltage necessary for powering microphones while maximizing battery life. The Phantom II Pro phantom power supply installs inline between your microphone and a balanced line input on your gear. Balanced lines offer increased immunity to external electrical noise, such as hum. Since a balanced system minimizes induced noise, it is the preferred method of connecting audio gear, especially when long lengths of cable are used.The ART Phantom II Pro is an invaluable tool in application areas including, but not limited to, home or professional recording studios, live sound, PA, permanent installs, DJ, AV, podcasting, and broadcasting. Use the phantom power supply with mixers, audio processors, digital audio workstations, or anywhere you need phantom power for your mics.XLR connectors for balanced inputs and outputsLow-power, high-efficiency CMOS circuitry for long battery life using a standard 9-Volt battery (Alkaline recommended)Can be powered with an external power supply from AC mainsRugged extruded aluminum case with accessible battery compartmentLED lighted On/Off switchLow-noise, low-distortion circuitry
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