Remo Diplomat Fiberskyn Bass Drum Head 20 In.

Remo Diplomat Fiberskyn Bass Drum Head 20 In.Remo Diplomat Fiberskyn Bass Drum Head 20 In.
The Diplomat Fiberskyn drum heads feature warm, open midrange tones with outstanding definition and controlled sustain. Featuring 1-ply of 7.5-mil film laminated to a 3-mil polyspun fiber, Diplomat Fiberskyn drum heads are renowned for their sensitivity and articulation making them ideal for light to moderate playing with sticks, brushes and mallets in Concert Snare and Jazz Drumset applications.Sizes and PurposeSize(s):MultipleQuantity:IndividualStyles: MultipurposeType: Kick/floor tomSide:Batter/ResonantConstructionTexture:CoatedPlies: 2Material:ProprietaryThickness (mil):10.5 milWeight: MediumCollar:StandardOtherDampening Ring:NoCountry of Origin:United States
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