Portastand Compact Mic Stand Black

Portastand Compact Mic Stand BlackPortastand Compact Mic Stand Black
When youre traveling from gig to gig with amps and pedals and cymbal stands, every chunk of metal adds up. Well it’s time lighten your load with Portastand’s Compact Mic Stand, the stand that wont break the bankor your back. This Compact Mic Stand collapses down to just 20, but extends to four all-metal tiers allowing for an incredible 63 of height, all coming in at just 3 lb. From there, the nickel-plated 5/8 mic thread at the top will happily hold any standard mic clip, microphone boom, tablet mount, or other accessory with a common mic thread attachment. Toss a boom on it and mic up the port on a low kick drum, stick it in front of a guitar stack, liven up the resonant head on a snare drum, or even place it right up front for vocals. The Compact Mic Stand is solid enough to stay where you want it, but light enough to be any roadies best pal.Collapsed Length: 20Height Range: 20 to 63Weight: 3.3 lbsAttachment: Nickel-plated 5/8-27 mic thread
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