Klotz Joe Bonamassa Instrument Cable St/St 20 Ft. Black

Klotz Joe Bonamassa Instrument Cable St/St 20 Ft. BlackKlotz Joe Bonamassa Instrument Cable St/St 20 Ft. Black
When Joe Bonamassa stepped onto the world stage at his legendary Royal Albert Hall concert, he had already embarked on a major career as an outstanding guitarist. Having already shared a stage with BB King at the age of only 11, his only ambition was to be a guitarist. Now he has achieved his dream and is among the top names in the global guitar scene. Because Joe uses the finest equipment, it was only logical that Klotz would design a tailored signature cable for him. This cable doesn’t compromise on quality; a high flyer for stage work and the tough routine of touring, a cable of technical perfection delivering brilliant yet utterly natural sound. A cable like Joe Bonamassa. In the world of professional audio/video cable systems, the name of Klotz has been synonymous with supreme quality, performance, and ongoing innovation since 1979. Well-known German and international installation companies, equipment rental companies, and users of professional sound systems and multimedia equipment, both in Germany and abroad, all rely on the consistently high manufacturing quality of Klotz products. In the world of music, too, Klotz has been the benchmark for cutting-edge professional, innovative, and reliable cable technology for 35 years.
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