Kickport Bass Drum Sound Enhancer Blue

Kickport Bass Drum Sound Enhancer  BlueKickport Bass Drum Sound Enhancer Blue
The KickPort’s design enhances the sound of your bass drum by porting the drum in the same manner as a bass reflex speaker cabinet, which boosts low frequencies. It adds ideal dampening directly to the resonant head, which allows you to remove most, if not all, of any internal materials. The KickPort bass drum enhancement also focuses the air as it exits the kick drum, creating a natural compression that increases punch. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s tunable! Due to its broadband design, the KickPort bass drum enhancement improves the sound of bass drums sized 16″ to 28.” It can be tuned up or down by adjusting the tuning of the resonant head. All of these benefits add up to more lows, more tone, better definition, and more punch in varying acoustical environments. Make no mistake, it’s not just for the audience or the sound engineer-these are benefits the drummer can feel behind the drum set as well.
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