Gator Security Cover, Fixed, Raised, 5/32″ Holes 2U

Gator Security Cover, Fixed, Raised, 5/32Gator Security Cover, Fixed, Raised, 5/32″ Holes 2U
The Gator GE-PNLSECFIX rack panel is a vented rack panel that mounts over your rack gear, or can be used as a spacer between your rackmounted equipment to provide air flow through your rack. This is a very useful, even critical piece of gear that can save you some real trouble on the gig. Curious audience members who do not understand the sensitivity of PA gear can wander up to your mixing station and noodle around with your EQ, your crossover dispositions, your compression schemes or any number of other settings that can cause havoc with your sound. Keep this from happening with Gator vented rack panels.Cold rolled 16 gauge steel constructionBlack powder coated finishFlanged for rigidity5/32″ vent holesNon PVC rubber edging to prevent scratching of gear and a 1 ” raised space between panel and gear
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