Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup

Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole PickupFishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
The Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup is a direct descendant of Fishman’s acclaimed Rare Earth pickup that shares the same neodymium magnets and coil technology. You get exceptional string balance and sparkling acoustic clarity. The main difference is that the Neo-D02 is passive. Encased in an attractive earth-tone injection-molded shell, this low profile Fishman Pickup comes complete and ready-to-use with an integral 10′ cable. Installs with cork-lined clamps.Same neodymium magnets and coil technology as Fishman’s acclaimed Rare Earth pickupStacked coils for humbucker soundEarth-tone injection-molded shellIntegral 10′ cableInstalls with cork-lined clampsNeeds no battery
Fishman PRO-NEO-D02 · Fishman, Acoustic Guitar Pickups
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