Dtar Hot Soundspot Pickup

Dtar Hot Soundspot PickupDtar Hot Soundspot Pickup
The D-TAR Hot Soundspot is a versatile pickup that captures the sound of percussion instruments such as congas, glass harp, hand drums, mandolin and others. SoundSpots are ultra-sensitive piezo crystal transducer pickups suitable for stringed and non-stringed acoustic and ethnic instruments. Unlike other dot-type transducer pickups, each SoundSpot is hand ground to extremely fine tolerances. This process, along with the selection of materials, yields a pickup with a very thin surface that can maintain its strength and flexibility. The result is a transducer that is ultra-sensitive to your percussion instrument’s surface vibrations and, therefore, is extremely natural and warm sounding. D-TAR – Duncan/Turner Acoustic ResearchSeymour Duncan and Rick Turner are two legends who spent years working with musicians, perfecting their tone. Seymour founded his self-named company in 1978 which has become well-known for its wide variety of guitar and bass pickups used by just about every name player from Billie Joe Armstrong to Angus Young. Rick co-founded Alembic, was president of Gibson Labs West Coast R&D Division, co-founded Highlander Musical Audio making piezo acoustic guitar pickups for Lindsay Buckingham, Ry Cooder, David Lindley, and Andy Summers, and runs his own Renaissance Guitars. Now Seymour and Rick are working together to create innovative products for acoustic musicians. Their D-TAR motto: “With respect to acoustic tone.”Designed to work for various percussion instrumentsUltra-sensitive transducer pickupHand ground to extremely fine tolerancesVersions available for most acoustic instrumentsExtremely natural and warm soundingCrafted with high-grade materials for strength and flexibility
Dtar 2-11-DPU-4HOT · Dtar, Folk Instrument Pickups
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