Dimarzio Iscv2 Evolution Single Coil Pickup Black

Dimarzio Iscv2 Evolution Single Coil Pickup BlackDimarzio Iscv2 Evolution Single Coil Pickup Black
The DiMarzio ISCV2 Evolution Single Coil Pickup is specifically designed for use with DiMarzio Evolution Neck (our sku# 302950) and Bridge (our sku# 302960) models in a wiring configuration made popular by Steve Vai.When the 5-way switch is in the 1 or 5 position, you hear the neck or bridge humbucker. When played in the 2 or 4 position, the middle single-coil combines in parallel with one coil of either humbucker and produces a distinctive tone with hum cancellation. The middle (3) position gives a true single coil sound which is not hum canceling and is not like an Evolution humbucker.A schematic of this wiring configuration is included with the ISCV2.
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