Dimarzio Dp186 Cruiser Neck Pickup Cream

Dimarzio Dp186 Cruiser Neck Pickup CreamDimarzio Dp186 Cruiser Neck Pickup Cream
No humbucking pickup sounds exactly like a vintage single-coil, but the Cruiser is about as close as it gets. The special dual-resonance design allows one coil to act as a woofer and the other as a tweeter. This extends the range of the noise-canceling design and allows the best qualities of each coil to be enhanced while fine tuning the output. There is less magnetic pull, and it still sounds clean, clear, and bright. Output: 140mV.Recommended for neck position with DP187, or neck & middle with hotter bridge like Fast Track 1, Chopper, Pro Track, or full-size humbuckers (See recommended accessories box on this page).Special dual-resonance designOne coil acts as woofer and other as a tweeterExtended range of noise-cancelingLess magnetic pullClean, clear, bright soundOutput: 140mV
DiMarzio DP186CR · DiMarzio, Stratocaster Pickups (Humbucker)
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