Dimarzio Dp161f Steve’s Special Guitar Pickup F-Spaced Black

Dimarzio Dp161f Steve's Special Guitar Pickup F-Spaced BlackDimarzio Dp161f Steve’s Special Guitar Pickup F-Spaced Black
The Steve’s Special is a non-traditional approach to high-output bridge humbucking guitar pickup design. Most hot humbuckers concentrate the pickup’s power in a narrow frequency range for maximum impact. The Special spreads the sound over a broader range so bass and treble tones are boosted, and midrange is lowered. The result is a sound that’s hot, clean, and open at the same time. 390mV output.Clean overdrive with high-gain ampsVery effective in dual sound and coil splitting clean modesFor soloing, this is a very good pickup to play with a midrange-heavy ampThe mid-scoop in the pickups’ sound keeps the initial pick attack clean and the notes don’t run together as much with legato playing, even with heavy overdrive
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