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D’addario Planet Waves Pw-Ct-04 Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner

D'addario Planet Waves Pw-Ct-04 Chromatic Pedal Stage TunerD’addario Planet Waves Pw-Ct-04 Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner
The Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner is a sweep and strobe tuner with patent-pending intuitive rotary user interface housed in a rugged, roadworthy metal enclosure. An oversized note name indicator and super-bright tuning LEDs combine to make on-stage tuning easy in all lighting conditions. Professional features like true hard bypass for preserved tone and dual 9v AC jacks make the instrument tuner at home in any pedal board configuration.In Strobe mode, the played note appears in green on the oversized rotary display while red LEDs chase clockwise if you’re sharp and counterclockwise if you’re flat. They slow down and finally stop as you nail the pitch. In Sweep mode, the LEDs sweep left or right indicating whether you’re flat or sharp. A big, multi-segment note indicator in the center of the display is very legible when standing. The pedal activates the mute/bypass circuit while 3 controls above it select the tuning mode and user-selectable A435A445 calibration. The pedal instrument tuner runs on an included 9V battery and has 9V I/O for daisy-chaining other pedals. With its large display and true bypass that doesn’t mess with your tone, it’s ideal for electric guitar players who have to perform in dark conditions and who use pedal boards.Strobe and Sweep modesLarge rotary interfaceOversized note indicatorSuper-bright LEDsA435A445 calibrationMute/bypass pedalTrue hard bypass leaves your tone itactOnboard condenser mic1/4″ input/output jacksSensitive piezo pickup9V I/O for daisy-chaining9V battery included
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Intellitouch Pt30 Classic Clip-On Tuner

Intellitouch Pt30 Classic Clip-On TunerIntellitouch Pt30 Classic Clip-On Tuner
Intellitouch changed instrument tuners forever in 1997 when it introduced a new concept that opened up possibilities for musicians as the world’s first tuner that clipped onto an instrument and sensed its vibrations, instead of using a microphone or required a cable to plug in. It’s designed for electric and acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins and more!The Intellitouch PT30 Classic Clip-On Tuner features a four-position backlight color selector located on the backside, making it easy to choose the backlight color you prefer. Choose between bright white, bright blue and a bright red. This is particularly good news to the many colorblind musicians who have said that red or green backlights simply appear as grey on black. In addition, the display features eight arrows instead of the PT1’s six arrows. More arrows means better control over your instrument string’s tuning. Answering the call for a brighter backlight, the PT30 tuner features a much brighter backlight, making it effortless to use in dimly lit conditions.The vastly improved clamp clips onto the headstock much more firmly than any of OnBoard Research’s previous models. Still a one-handed, easy-on, easy-off design, it will clip on and stay on your instrument. Plus, the dual ball-and-socket arm connects the tuner to the clamp, making the Intellitouch tuner and the clamp completely independent from each other. The patented design of the arm enables you to clip the clamp onto the headstock anywhere you prefer, and adjust the tuner closely and neatly behind the headstock, making it perfect for direct viewing and providing the proper viewing angle for left-handed players as well. The internal tuning reference of the tuner can be recalibrated between 430 Hz and 450 Hz using simple up and down arrows located on the tuner.Four-position backlight color selectorEight-arrow displayBrilliant backlightImproved clamp designDual ball-and-socket armRecalibrates from 430 Hz to 450 HzLimited lifetime manufacturer’s warrantyBattery Type: CR2032 3-volt lithium coin cell included
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Seiko Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

Seiko Clip-On Chromatic TunerSeiko Clip-On Chromatic Tuner
The Seiko STX2 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner is a vibration-sensing tuner that includes as sensitivity-modulate function to eliminate background interference. Simply switch from Solo to Band mode when you’re in a noisy environment.The STX2 clip-on tuner lights up automatically with each input of a note or press of the Pitch button, reducing its brightness gradually if left untouched.Backlit LCD displaySturdy clipSolo and Band modes for noisy situationsBuilt-in vibration sensorBuilt-in microphoneAuto power-offCR2032 lithium battery included
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D’addario Planet Waves Pw-Ct-07 Desktop True Strobe Tuner

D'addario Planet Waves Pw-Ct-07 Desktop True Strobe TunerD’addario Planet Waves Pw-Ct-07 Desktop True Strobe Tuner
The Desktop True-Strobe Tuner from Planet Waves is durable, reliable and spans virtually all tuning applications. The True Strobe or “Tru-Strobe” instrument tuner is extremely accurate+/- .1 centand sensitive. Use built-in microphone or 1/4″ input/output.The purest input tones yield the best results. Here’s how to achieve optimal tuning:Pluck the string with a light to moderate stroke. Strings will usually go slightly sharp right after the initial attack. Excessive or heavy plucking of the string will increase this effect. Give the string a second to “settle” before tuning.Pluck the string with the flesh of your thumb. This will yield less harmonic information for the tuner to analyze then using a pick.Turn the tone knob of the instrument down. This again will roll off high-end harmonic details and input a more fundamental tone.Lower the volume of the guitar 30% to 50%. This will usually yield less harmonic detail and input gain.While coarse tuning look at the entire display for movement. When the action of the LED’s begin slowing to a halt, look at the leading LED for movement and continue to tune until the LED stops in place.Durable and reliableSpans virtually all tuning applicationsAccuracy of +/- .1 centUser calibration from A435Hz to A445HzRotary LED indicates pitchOversize note indicatorBuilt-in microphone1/4″ input and output jacksPowered by 9V battery (included)
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Korg Pitchcrow Clip-On Tuner White

Korg Pitchcrow Clip-On Tuner WhiteKorg Pitchcrow Clip-On Tuner White
The PitchCrow-G is the most compact of all fully-featured clip-on tuners. Its streamlined design includes everything you need to tune accurately, quickly and is approximately 20% smaller and lighter than previous KORG models. Included with the PitchCrow-G is a vivid full-color LCD and dedicated guitar/bass modes, as well as a new ultra-high precision fine tuning function that allows for accuracy as great at 0.1 cents. Battery life is also approximately three times longer than previous units, allowing for approximately 24 hours of continuous operation. Forty years after it developed the world’s first needle-type meter tuner, KORG is proud to set the new standard for accuracy and reliability in clip-on tuners: the PitchCrow-G.
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Intellitouch Pt2 Tuner

Intellitouch Pt2 TunerIntellitouch Pt2 Tuner
The Intellitouch PT2 Tuner attaches to your instrument with one hand. “Feels” instrument vibration making it ideal for noisy environments. Easy-to-read digital display. Fully automatic and chromatic. Works with just about any stringed instrument. Selectable A=440Hz, A=441Hz, or A=442Hz tuning references. Weighs less than 2 ounces. Operates 60 hours on 2 CR32 batteries. An economical alternative to the PT1 Tuner (See recommended accessories box on this page), it works in the same manner without a backlit display; calibrates only to 440, 441, and 442; and offers a 60-hour battery life.Attaches to your instrument with one handEasy-to-read digital displayFully automatic and chromaticTunes in noisy environments because it feels the pitchEasy to calibrateReference button chooses A=440Hz, A=441Hz, or A=442HzWeighs less than 2 ouncesOperates 60 hours on 2 CR32 batteries
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Snark Sn-1 Guitar & Bass Tuner Black

Snark Sn-1 Guitar & Bass Tuner BlackSnark Sn-1 Guitar & Bass Tuner Black
The Snark SN-1 Guitar & Bass Tuner makes tuning a breeze, thanks to a versatile design that includes a high-sensitive vibration sensor plus a sturdy clip that can go onto either the front or back of the headstock so it can be used by both left- and right-handed musicians. Adding to its ease of use is its full-color display that can be rotated 360 so it gives you even more visibility when you need it most. The SN-1 also offers you flat tuning and transpose options for down-tuning and capo situations, plus pitch calibration.Full color display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewingStay-put clipTap tempo metronomeFlat tuning/Transpose functionsPitch calibration (415-466Hz)High-sensitivity vibration sensorFrequency range tailored to guitar and bassTuner can be used on front or back of headstock for left and right-handed players
Snark SN-1 BLK · Snark, Tuners
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