Aquarian Super-Kick Iii Bass Drumhead 24 In.

Aquarian Super-Kick Iii Bass Drumhead 24 In.Aquarian Super-Kick Iii Bass Drumhead 24 In.
The Aquarian Superkick III is a coated single-ply, medium-weight bass drumhead with a power dot in the center for added reinforcement. The Superkick III bass drumhead produces a low-end, well-defined punchy sound due to Aquarian’s patented Floating Muffling System, which is a narrow felt muffle ring attached to the backside of the drumhead.Safe-T-Loc hoopThis hoop system prevents slippage inside the hoop so that the head does not de-tune during a performance and will not pull out. Tuning is consistent and the head stays in tune.Sound Curve Collar DesignThis design allows the drumhead to seat perfectly on the bearing edge. No wrinkles even with loose tuning. It conforms instantly to any shell design and makes tuning fast, easy, and more accurate.Triple Locking SystemThis unique system provides drummers with previously unheard of advantages in resonance and playability. First, holes are punched in the bottom of a “U” shaped channel, which has been formed in the drumhead. These holes allow the epoxy to flow into the “Safe-T-Loc” channel. Second, the “T-Ribs” that form the Safe-T-Loc channel prevent the epoxy and the drumhead, from slipping and pulling away from the hoop. Lastly, the Locking Shoulder acts as a “stop” to ensure the correct collar height for the drumhead.1-ply coated with power dotFloating Muffling System (a narrow felt muffle ring attached to the backside of the drumhead)Full soundDeep lowsGreat attackEasy tuningGreat beater responseZero slippage inside the hoopConsistent soundIncreased resonance and sensitivity
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