American Recorder Technologies Gig Box

American Recorder Technologies Gig BoxAmerican Recorder Technologies Gig Box
The Amereican Recorder Gig Box ensures that you won’t get caught off guard! This handy kit has the most common audio adapters you might need in a sonic emergency.2 TRS male to XLR female adapters1/8″ female to 1/4″ TRS male adapter1/8″ male to dual RCA female adapter2 TRS male to XLR male adapters2 TS female to RCA male adapters2 RCA female to XLR male adapters2 RCA female to TS male adapters2 RCA female barrels20 rackmount screws2 dual-banana plugs20 cable ties6 reusable cable straps
American Recorder Technologies GCK-101 · American Recorder Technologies, Toolkits
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